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Dream Therapy

Why do dreams play a role in your therapy?

Dreams generally point to blind spots of the thinking mind. By calling on the aid of your dreams, we want to help you see and understand better the symbols, imagery, metaphor and direction of your life’s narrative! Even for the most seasoned dreamer, to interpret your dreams alone is like trying to check your own backside; it’s awkward! On the other hand, exploring the inner world of your dreams in the presence of a skilled therapist can be a goldmine on your journey to emotional well-being!

Sitting with dreams in a therapy session is a bit like looking at unintentional photographs: pictures of a still life or dynamic movement, unremembered memories, comforting or unsettling moments, snapshots of recognizable scenes or unfathomable mysteries, landscapes from the past or the future, foggy hues and clear views. However “obvious” they seem sometimes, dreams do not tend to simply repeat what we already know, but draw the dreamer deeper into their inner needs and consciousness.

Dreams do not necessarily present themselves as imagery alone, but to some people appear through other senses, such as smell, touch, sound or taste. Strangely, the brain still appears to show these impressions as “imagery”, even if the only thing the dreamer remembers upon waking is a whiff of a scent, a whisper of a sound or a hint of texture touched and felt.

As your therapist, I listen to your story and the dreams you bring to me, with careful attention to detail. As dream specialist, I help you understand your personal symbolic language, explore unused potential, and prepare for positive changes in your life.

Why choose Psychotherapy
The awareness, strength and courage many people gain through psychotherapy can support love, learning, growth, and healing in their daily lives. Feeling understood and validated by their therapist renews hope and direction for many people who choose psychotherapy as their primary or adjunct mental health care path.

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