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Your First Visit

Your first therapy session marks a new beginning on your journey home to yourself!Before we determine your entry into therapy, I invite you to a free initial consultation. During this brief in-office or phone conversation, you can ask questions of my professional approach, and tell me about your needs, current circumstance, and goals you may have for your therapy. No previous therapy experience is required.

When you come to your first session, a few moments will be spent on “housekeeping” issues, such as

  • Confidentiality
  • Scheduling
  • Cancellation policy
  • Payment method

It is important that these formalities be addressed from the onset so that the therapy can proceed within clearly set boundaries.

For some people, the first visit opens a world of positive possibilities they had not imagined before. Others find that they have come with certain goals and expectations they want to collaborate toward. Commonly, people are relieved to find the soul support of a warm and empathic professional therapist once we have agreed to enter into a therapeutic alliance.

You could benefit from Psychotherapy if you

  • want help with the care of your mental health and wellbeing
  • often feel bad
  • are struggling with addictions
  • are suffering from excessive stress
  • need a safe and confidential place to explore who you are
  • want guidance with your dreams
  • aim to improve your relationships
  • want to overcome creative blocks
  • want to feel better, and lead a happier and purposeful life

Your first appointment