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Introduction to Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the drug-free choice of treatment and prevention of burnout and many other kinds of emotional distress. Psychotherapy promotes self-knowledge, insight, healing, and balancing of life, love and work.

If you are suffering from excessive stress and unhappiness, post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, emotionally based physical illness, disordered eating, addictions, body-image and low self-esteem issues, memories of childhood physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, parenting, empty nest, adoption or fertility challenges, prolonged grief or other painful or crisis situation, please call to set up an appointment.

Psychotherapy allows you to leave your friendships unencumbered, by offering a therapeutic, confidential relationship to hold your burdens, worries, confusions, secrets and unthinkable differences. This therapeutic relationship serves not only as a safe place for you to explore your troubles in, but also as an opportunity to do deep inner work!

When you begin to sense the benefit of growing consciousness and insight as a result of your therapy, the work of transformation has begun! This can happen as early as in your first session!

Self-knowledge helps to make sense of past and present conflicts, pain, alienation and strange attractions! Being able to understand your life’s story better helps you step out of suffering and forward into who you really are and can be! Psychotherapy provides a container in which your personal history is allowed to find expression and acceptance, and set you free to move toward your life’s goals with greater joy and confidence! Psychotherapy is an investment in your mental health and wellbeing!

“Learning to trust is often at the heart of therapy.”
– Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst

Your Mental Health and Wellbeing
Decades of study and continued professional development afford me a profound understanding of the human psyche in my work with clients. I value and encourage the dialogue between conscious and unconscious awareness that can help lead my clients to their deepest comprehensive healing potential.

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